Isn't it a beauty!? ;-)

In the autumn of 2004 I build this recumbent at kvisten in Copenhagen.

It is a variation on the python invented by Jürgen Mages. The python is a center-steered low racer. The steering principle is similar to my own flevo lowracer.

The wheels are 406, which is a common size for child bicycles. I wanted the recumbent to be as simple as possible (having weight in mind too). There is no suspension on this bike. It is constructed from square 30x30 and 30x10 tubing, both in 1.5mm thickness, and lot's of little parts from the scrap yard next door.

There is a negative trail on this bicycle, which is a no-no in the bicycle world. The bike should be "unrideable". A fun pdf-article by David E.H. Jones about this subject can be found here: The Stability Of The Bicycle.

Imagine my surprise when I first climbed onto the bike. I could ride it near to immediately, and found that the handling at relative low speeds (0 to 25kmh) was better than my own flevo. Note, I am writing this on "day three", having ridden about 60kms in all.

This year has been a very python active year. During this year Olaf build his monty (I was a catalisator in the process), and now in september me and Marc build a python for Marc.

This page used to be one big slab, but I found that loading was prohibitively slow, so I splitted it up in parts. In the first part you can find about the baby python, which is the python I currently ride with.

The second part contains info to Marc's python. A much cooler bike without the flexing problems of my baby python.

Further more you may also want to look into the third part at these calculations which analyze the self centering effect of the python.