About Me

The whole website is about me. This page is just the meta page, putting the stuff in the context of my person.

I moved to Denmark in August 2003, and this gave the impuls to resurrect my website from its zombie-like state. The argument being that it made it possible to share some things with the friends I left behind. I wasn't really sure what was going to be on this homepage, and still I haven't decided. And anyways, I thought, a website is a nice toy. So I just let it flow.

And what flows can be summed up very concisely: it is play. I am not driven by any big ideals. I have my opinions and principles, but that's just the frame/limits I live inside. It seems, some people stick to one thing in their lifes, and do it all the time, over and over again. Me, I shift from subject to subject. In a sense, that is consumerism. But that is to harsh. Consuming is connected with passivness. In consumerism the changes come from the outside. Although these changes do leave an impression on us, there is no active effort for development on our side.

That is not how it is with me. And that is why I use the word "play". We could attribute an evolutionary sense to playing, i.e. better survival by learning, etc.. For the player it is unimportant. We play because we like it. It makes us happy. And when playing we learn, we change, we develop. And that is what I want, and do. Put it another way: I prefer to walk the road then to arrive at its goal. And because of that I often do not arrive. I easily get off the track because life is really a labyrinth.

One change is coming with the years, though. The older I get, the longer I stay on the same subject. I still feel I play, but I sense that play itself gets an abstract meaning. It doesn't really matter what I play with, what matters is that I can feel the deepness of the play. If play would be water, then I should feel it is not shallow, and I can dive in, and no matter how long I hold my breath, I won't reach the bottom. And I never reach it, because I develop, I change, and with it, the play does.

What's here on this site?

Well, I feel, the things I value most, cannot be found here. That's how it is, and it just will have to do.

Even so you won't find much about programming on this site --except some old junk-- I do work as a programmer. And that is what I like to do the most. Programming has been a constant in my life from the moment I discovered the computer, and if it it weren't for the job, it would be my hobby. But as things are it is my job, and thus I like to do other things too. Life would be to boring otherwise.

The main chunk of the site is about bicycles. Before I went living in Copenhagen, I lived in Eupen Belgium. And being a happy owner of no car, I was forced to cycle daily between my home and work, which was a little less then 20 hilly kms apart. I liked that very much. I liked getting there by my own force, even in rain, even through snow. Even when I had a bad cold, I was still churning those cranks to get there.

Pretty soon, my bike was eaten by the weather and salt, and with the help of a friend I got interested in the technical side of bikes. In fact, I got really bitten by it!

Now I know that cycles are deep. I found that out, when I started building them. You probably can put all the engineer fields, mathematics, fysiology into bicycles. There is just no end to it to this stuff, and I know nothing.

One thing I really know nothing about is baking bread. But I do it anyway. At the moment there are two recipes on my homepage. One is using sour dough, the other is just using yeast. The sourdough one tastes probably to hardcore for most people. In this autumn (2005) I met an irish baker working in the South of France. The guy is specialized in baking using wood ovens, and after talking with him, and tasting some of his sourdough bread samples, I felt like ripping this one page from my website -for the good of the bread munching world. I kept the page anyway because, well, I could not get it over my hart to delete all these nice pictures ;-)

The website is made using mason. That is a web programming language. I tried to make a pleasing layout and use CSS mostly to put the things where they should be.